Help make the move from Cubs to Scouts as smooth as possible with these great tips.

2016 was a big year for Cubs with events, parties, camps and challenges going on around the County to celebrate the centenary of Cub Scouting. But what happens when today’s Cubs pass their tenth birthday, and start thinking about moving on to Scouts? It can feel like a big step, so we’ve compiled some great tips to encourage young people to stay in the Movement for as long as possible.

1. Visit the section. Cubs are welcome to join in with some Scouts meetings before they officially join, to meet the others and see what it is like. A leader from Cubs could accompany them, or hold a debrief to find out how it went and allay any concerns. This will count towards their Moving On Award too.

2. Plan a joint camp. Scouts are likely to do more camping than Cubs, so encouraging young people to meet on camp is a good way to both allow them to get to know each other and get used to camping. A Group or family camp is ideal, as there will be lots of adults around to support them.

3. Strength in numbers. Wait until there are several Cubs who are ready to move on, so that they can go together. Breaking into pre-existing friendship groups can feel difficult for some young people, so it can be reassuring to have familiar faces around.

4. Teach flag break. Cubs may used to an opening ceremony, but Scouts’ flag break is a little different. Before they move on, explain what happens during flag break and perhaps some of the history behind it.

5. Hold a ceremony. Make sure you celebrate Cubs moving on to Scouts, in whatever way works for your Troop. When other Cubs see that moving on is being celebrated, they won’t be so concerned when their time comes.

6. Complete the Moving On Award. Cubs should work towards their Moving On Award, using their Cub Activity Log to record actions. It’s a great way to get them prepared to go to the new section, and it will mean they have already earned a badge for their Scouts shirt. Get the sewing kit ready!

Read more tips for retaining young people between other sections in the December 2016 issue of Scouting Magazine.