Recently we published 10 Scouting Skills To Use At Univeristy on our blog and we saw lots of you using some of these skills in your first few months of university. Now that your first real break from uni is almost here; I thought I’d catch up with Katie Hoyle, a Network member who is studying at Lancaster University to find out more.

Chris: We pushed 10 different Scouting skills to use at university on our blog, but which one have you used the most?

Katie: The Scouting skill I’ve problably used the most in the first few months would be ‘navigation’ as the campus is so big and maze like! The sign posts aren’t very reliable so I often rely on a campus map I have on my phone. It’s really useful being able to use a map as I know other people that aren’t as confident with maps and they worry about getting to places on time! Navigation also come in handy when we’ve gone into town as a lot of the streets look the same in Lancaster. In the last week or so we’ve been looking at houses for next year so we’ve had to be able to find them!

Chris: Sounds like you’re the go-to person for directions then! What were you most worried about at University and did Scouting help you to overcome this?

Katie: Before I came to university, the thing I was most worried about most was meeting new people and I was scared I wouldn’t make any friends. Being a Scouts has helped me overcome this as I’ve recently had the opportunity to meet so many new people. This summer alone my group went to France then I attended Gilwell Reunion with the rest of the County. This made me more confident in my ability to meet new people ready for when I arrived at uni.

Chris: Are you still involved in Scouting while you’re at University?

Katie: At the moment I’m working towards my Queen’s Scout Award and I’m looking towards joining the Student Scout and Guide Organisation at my uni. I’ll still be going back to the Beaver Colony I help out with when I’m back from uni for the holidays though!

Chris: If you could offer 1 piece of advice to Explorer Scouts looking at universities now – what would it be?

Katie: If I could offer 1 piece of advice to Explorers looking at universities now, I would say choose a degree and a university that feels right for you when you look round on open days as it’s a big part of your life and you’ve got to be happy!