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Author: Chris Taylor

New Research: Scouting develops strong community engagement in young people, fostering a culture of curiosity and acceptance

Young people who take part in Scouting are more likely to take an active role in their communities than those who do not, according to new, independent research commissioned by The Scout Association. Scouts are a third more likely than non-Scouts to help out in their local area, feel greater responsibility to their local community, and volunteer to help others. The research also showed that Scouts are 18% more likely to be curious about the world around them, and 12% more likely to accept diversity in other people’s backgrounds and beliefs. In light of the research, East Lancashire Scouts...

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5 things only a Scout would do in the January chill

5 THINGS ONLY SCOUTS WOULD DO IN THE JANUARY CHILL Because we’re prepared, right? Wear Shorts Because skin is waterproof after all… Drink hot chocolate and marshmallows at any time of day You’ve just slept in a tent when it’s -3°C. It may be 7am, but you’ve earned that hot chocolate! Wear a Scout neckerchief as well as a woolly scarf Double bagging is a thing, and so is double scarfing. It’s totally necessary. Make an igloo and sleep in it Question: What’s an ‘ig?’Answer: A snow house without a loo.(Dad jokes are the best!) Plan a summer camp It may be icy outside, but one must BE PREPARED! If you start planning now you’ll get the best spots and the best activities! Visit to see what adventures you can have there! Book your summer camp now! Book an...

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Trustee Week: In Conversation with Donna

As we come to the end of National Trustee Week 2017, I thought we’d catch up with another of our Trustees who also has a very active role delivering Scouting to hundreds of young people – Donna Emmett. Donna is an Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts, a member of our County Events Team and also one of the leaders taking a group of young people on an Icelandic Experience in 2019 – wow! Why did you want to be become a charity trustee? I love Scouting and being a Trustee gives me a different volunteering experience and perspective...

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Trustee Week: In Conversation with Fayaz

This week is National Trustee week where the one million trustees up and down the Country are being recognised for the work they do to keep charities, like Scouts, running and making a positive difference in our communities. I caught up with Fayaz Bharucha from Blackburn, who recently became a Trustee of East Lancashire Scouts, to find why he loves it so much. Why did you want to become a Charity Trustee? As an individual I’ve been very fortunate to come from a family and community that has supported charities in many different ways. Growing up seeing my father...

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Badge support – Fire Safety

Fire gives us light, warmth, toasted marshmallows and dazzling fireworks, but knowing how to work with fire responsibly is essential to avoiding injuries and serious damage. The Fire Safety Activity Badges are a great way for Cub Scouts and Scouts to learn fire safety skills, but these skills aren’t only important for these sections; everyone, from Beaver Scouts to Scout Network members, should have a good grasp of fire safety, whether they are backwoods cooking or building a Swedish fire torch. For training and safety advice on fire lighting (and training others on fire lighting), take a look at...

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