Ever wished you could be more like the TV Adventurer, Bear Grylls? The local Scouts have 10 ways you can bring out your inner Bear!

  1. Collect and cut firewood How much wood do you need to start a fire? Ever used an axe safely? Where’s good to find some dry wood! Bear knows!
  2. Make a fire Once you’ve found your wood, now onto the most exciting part – making the fire! Just imagine what you can do with a roaring fire – toast marshmellows, cook a meal, bake a cake (yes, that’s right!) or just make yourself a nice brew!
  3. Cook your own backwards dinner Backwards cooking?! Cooking with different and strange things! Who needs a frying pan – all Bear needs is an egg and an orange!
  4. Pitch a tent The starting point of every adventure is a decent night’s sleep! Whether you’re camping with your friends or your family, getting your tent up and ready is the most important thing!
  5. Take a bearing Ever got lost on a roadtrip? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which way you were going? Your sister says north, and your dad says south – but who’s right? Bear knows!
  6. Climb a hill or a mountain The fun, the challenge and the adventure – not to mention the views you can get while you’re up there! Who wouldn’t say no to a brew with a view!
  7. Take a cross-country hike Take a break from walking to the shops – take a cross-country hike with your mates and experience something new today!
  8. Whittle a tool Stainless steel knife and fork? How boring! How about making your own from that branch over there? Now’s that’s so Bear!
  9. Make a useful gadget You’ve been on your cross-country hike but your feet are all wet – how about a camp gadget to dry them off! Lets find two sticks and get started! Bear can!
  10. Follow a trail No – we’re not going on a Bear hunt but we can follow a trail. Sticks and stones can tell us a lot so if you didn’t manage to work out if you’re going north or south – the trail will lead you home!

Some of these are difficult to master and some are quite easy, but these are the skills (along with much much more) that local Scouting can teach you either as a young Scout yourself or as an adult volunteer on our flexible volunteering scheme!

For more information on joining the Scouts, visit www.scouts.org.uk/get-involved or call 0845 300 1818 now!