A clean up crew consisting of adult volunteers, Network members and Explorer Scouts from East Lancashire Scouts got together to restore a blighted beauty spot!

After seeing in the local paper that pupils from local schools held an overnight party to celebrate the end of term had vandalised a local beauty spot known as the “Blue Lagoon” on Jeffrey Hill near Longridge in Lancashire, a local Scout Leader organised a clean-up mission via Facebook and with the help of local companies the area was cleaned and restored (nearly) to its former condition.

The equipment for the clear up was very kindly provided by Amey PLC, Fred Coupe Nissan and Woodsage Outdoor Education. Upon arriving at the Lagoon the Scouts were shocked by the level of mess, tents, bottles, bags and even clothes were strewn around. However, the Scouts set to work and although they didn’t manage to clear up the area in one evening, they returned the following night to complete their task.

They even had to use their Scouting skills to rig an abseil to clear the quarry sides of an astonishing amount of refuse that had been hurled over the edge. Considering the remote location of the site and the amount of alcohol that had obviously been consumed it was amazing that no-one had been injured. The Scouts removed two pick-up loads worth of rubbish to the local tip.

The plight of the spot, well known amongst local Scouts, led to an instant call for action; the fact that it was young people that had caused the damage moved several of the Scouts to volunteer their time to show that they can do good.