Many Scout buildings will be left vacant over the holidays. You can help protect your property by doing the following things:

  1. Lock your Group’s equipment away out of sight.
  2. Turn off gas and electricity, but check if any burglar or fire alarm needs mains power.
  3. If your HQ will be unoccupied for a long time, shut off your water system.
  4. Keep your property heated to reduce the risk of a pipe freezing.
  5. During the winter it is a requirement with any insurer that water pipes are lagged to protect against freezing.
  6. Don’t forget to lock up after your last meeting. Check you’ve locked all windows, fire exits and doors.
  7. Set the alarms.
  8. Ask your local police to include your Scout HQ on their rounds.
  9. Check your buildings insurance policy terms and conditions now, rather than when you need to make a claim.

Read more advice from Unity (Scout Insurance Services) about securing your HQ over the holidays, and take a look at more buildings maintenance and safety considerations.