A new school year means a new year at Scouts, which means lots of new members! We’ve come up with this list of games to play with your sections to help everyone get to know each other.

Common ground

Good for: Scouts, Explorers and Network

Divide everyone up into groups of three or four. Tell everyone that each group has to find their common ground; something they’ve all done before. The catch is, it has to be something they’ve all done, but none of the other groups have done, so they might need to come up with a few options!

Two truths and a lie

Good for: Cubs, Scouts and Explorers

Get the group to sit in a circle and ask one person to say two truths and a lie about themselves. Once they have finished, ask the group to vote on which statement they think is a lie. If the majority get it wrong, the player goes again, but if they get it right, there is a change of player.


Good for: Cubs and Scouts

You will need: a chair and a tennis ball

Form the section into two lines facing one another, holding hands. At one end of the line is a chair with a tennis ball on it: you stand at the other end. Get everyone in the section to close their eyes, apart from the two players nearest to you. Flip a coin. Whenever it comes up heads, the players have to squeeze the hand of the next person. This chain continues until the hand of the player at the end is squeezed. That player grabs the ball. Every ball picked up correctly (when the coin lands on heads) scores a point; any ball picked up incorrectly loses a point.

Never have I ever

Good for: Beavers and Cubs

The section to sits in a circle and holds out ten fingers in front of them. One player starts by saying ‘Never have I ever…’ and then says something that they’ve never done. Anyone who has done that particular thing then loses a life and has to turn a finger down. The game continues by going clockwise around the circle, each person taking their turn to say their own ‘Never have I ever…’ until just one player if left. They are the winner.

Coat of arms

Good for: Beavers and Cubs

You will need: paper, colouring pens/pencils, flag template.

Each young person has a flag template. Ask them to divide their template into quarters with a pencil. Ask them to describe or draw their favourite things in each quarter; these could be their pets, favourite food, sports team, activity and so on. After ten minutes, each Beaver or Cub to stands up to talk everyone through their flag.

Are there any other games which have worked well for your section? Tell us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.