We’ve gathered some ideas and resources you can use to explore disability in your section, and to support Beavers and Cubs to achieve their Disability Awareness Activity Badge.

Beavers Disability Awareness Activity Badge

Introduce the topic by using the activity on page 11 of the A Million Hands Disability Resource Pack which challenges the mythology surrounding disabled people.

It’s Deaf Awareness Week, so what better time to focus on this element of the badge. Learn some handy Scouting phrases in British Sign Language with our video or learn to sign the Beaver Scout Promise with this resource from the National Deaf Children’s Society.

Cubs Disability Awareness Activity Badge

Introduce the topic as above, or using the myth-busting activity on pages 15 to16 of the Disability Resource Pack.

For this badge your Cubs can research a famous person with a disability. Take a look at this list for inspiration.

For the deaf awareness element, why not learn how to use the fingerspelling alphabet and build fingerspelling into a game.  You can also explore tips in communicating with someone who is deaf, using our Deaf Friendly Scouting resource.

Top tip for volunteers in Scouting:

Remember, every young person participating in the Programme should face a similar degree of challenge. Badge requirements can be adapted according to each young person’s abilities. For more information and practical tips see our guidance on flexibility.

For more activities around disability, sign up to A Million Hands, our national community impact project. Support young people to develop their understanding around disability and encourage them to take action by downloading the Disability Resource Pack. It contains loads of activities and resources.

Here are a few of our favourites:

  • The Language of Respect Game: page 19 -22
  • Are You Talking to Me?: page 27 – 28
  • Map a Journey in the local community: pages 64 – 65