Many of you will be waking up to the news about the incident in Manchester last night. Being so close it’s possible that some of our young people and adults may have been at the Manchester Arena or surrounding areas.

As Scouts we learn that we are stronger together and that there’s nothing more important than friendship and solidarity when challenges present themselves. We’re sure that you will support our young people and adults if they’ve been affected by the events of last night.

We are shocked and deeply saddened by what happened and our thoughts are with the families of the 22 who lost their lives and 59 people who are injured.

It is part of our duty as leaders to help young people make sense of such incidents. Together, we can reinforce the peaceful aims of Scouting and its power to bring people together.

You may wish to support young people during your normal section meetings. To help, we have pulled together some links to existing resources you may find useful.

As Scouts, we believe we can help create a better world. We can achieve this by demonstrating Scouting’s values of care, respect, belief, integrity and cooperation.

Thank you for supporting our young people during this challenging time.