Scouting For All – Inclusion in East Lancashire Scouts

In an ideal world, all Scouts Groups would be open to any young person who wished to join in and take part. However we know that in real life this is often not possible; he building is not accessible for wheelchairs, the leaders do not have the knowledge or experience to meet the needs of the young person, the Group does not have suitable equipment for accessible activities, the young person needs extra support and there are no spare leaders… the list goes on.

Many of these barriers require funding to overcome them, and as we all know, money is as hard to come by in Scouting as it is in all other walks of life. However there are sources of funding available.

The Scout Association Additional Needs Grant Programme,KJK5,3D74V1,25I3S,1

This will provide funds towards the cost of portable equipment, such as ramps, induction loops and activity equipment which will enable young people with additional needs to take part in Scouting. They will also fund training for leaders, for example in British Sign Language or Makaton if you have a young person in your Group who communicates this way.

For bigger projects, such as adaptations to buildings, the National Lottery is the place to go.

Children in Need offer a range of grants, from capital projects, to essential equipment and emergency funding.

On a much smaller scale, all local councillors have funding which they donate to local causes. Have you contacted your councillor to let them know about the benefits that Scouting provides to their communities?

And finally, if the young person in question requires additional or specialised support to enable them to take part in Scouting, they may have a befriender or personal assistant to support them to access the community. That person may be the ideal person to accompany them to Scouts.

Please contact me if you would like support with your grant applications.

There will be other sources of funding and support available. If you know of any, please let me know and I will add them to the list. Thank you.

Sarah Withers