Many prospective Members have particular needs and obviously the more information a Leader/Team has, the better the experience that can be offered. 

Generally by following some simple steps most young people can participate in Scouting activities with preparation and planning.

The opportunity for a young person to progress through the sections within Scouting is fundamental. It is important that the needs and interests of any young person and particularly those with special needs are kept in mind.

It is therefore essential that leaders talk to each other and pass on vital information. This might cover all sorts of areas from information about a specific special need, medical information, participation in the Balanced Programme, personal likes and dislikes.

Obviously the young person themselves and their parents or carers should be involved. In some cases, the linking procedure might happen outside the usual age ranges.

Inclusion Blog: Money, Money Money!

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My name is Sarah Withers. I have recently been appointed as Assistant County Commissioner (Inclusion) and my role will be to support the development and growth of fully inclusive Scouting within East Lancashire. I come from a background in Special Education and have...

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