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iScout in East Lancashire – do you?

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  • Creating safe spaces for young people in Scouting 23rd February 2018
    It’s our responsibility, as adults in Scouting, to ensure that we are creating safe spaces for young people. We will be releasing a new version of Young People First on 1 March.
  • 'Den Democracy' - Youth Shaped Scouting in action 21st February 2018
    A Beaver Scout Leader tells us about the benefits of a 'Den Democracy' - a brilliant Youth Shaped Scouting initiatve. 
  • A brand-new day 20th February 2018
    Traditionally, St George’s Day celebrations have consisted of parades and faith services and for some, these types of events remain popular, but for many Districts this tradition no longer fully engages or reflects the make-up of their members.