Youth Team

Welcome to the County Youth Team

The County Youth Team is made up of a selection of young people from every District and is led by the County Youth Commissioner. Their role is to provide feedback and to advise the County Team on everything they’re doing to make sure that East Lancashire is truly youth-shaped in partnership with adults.

Want to be involved?

The Youth Team aren’t currently accepting applications, but please contact Emma, the County Youth Commissioner if you would like more information.

Why is #YouShape so important?

#YouShape month is a super important time in Scouting for a number of reasons but it’s even more important to emphasise that what happens during #YouShape month.

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1 Year as Youth Commissioner

It has been one year since I was appointed as East Lancashire’s first County Youth Commissioner… and what a year it’s been! If you had told me then that I would have all of the experiences, adventures and memories that I do now, I would have been in disbelief. I’m often told that the role I do changes lives within Scouting, but this role truly has changed my life too!

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If you’d have told me…

As East Lancashire’s County Youth Commissioner, one of my predominant goals is to promote youth shaped Scouting in partnership with adults across the County. The partnership aspect of youth shaped Scouting is so important; the experience and expertise of adult members of the movement is key in helping young people develop their own skills.

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For the Young People

Why do we volunteer within the Scout movement? It’s a question that no doubt we have all asked ourselves from time to time. The answer is quite simple: for the young people.

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iScout in East Lancashire – do you?

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