As we come to the end of National Trustee Week 2017, I thought we’d catch up with another of our Trustees who also has a very active role delivering Scouting to hundreds of young people – Donna Emmett. Donna is an Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts, a member of our County Events Team and also one of the leaders taking a group of young people on an Icelandic Experience in 2019 – wow!

Why did you want to be become a charity trustee?
I love Scouting and being a Trustee gives me a different volunteering experience and perspective than I get from leading a Cub Pack.  I work in Finance and Administration and can draw upon this and share my skills and knowledge to help ensure that Scouting in Hyndburn and East Lancashire meets it’s charitable obligations. It gives me great satisfaction to know that all our volunteers are well supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and that I am part of that team.  It can be very exciting being involved in a project and being part of the decision making process and watching it develop from ideas on a piece of paper to something tangible.  I am currently working on something very exciting with the Hyndburn Trustee Board, but I can’t go into detail at this stage other than to say it will be of huge benefit to our young people.


What’s your favourite thing you’ve done in Scouting so far?
This has to be the #Cubs100 Camp. 600 cubs from all across East Lancashire spending a fun packed weekend at Bowley celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouts. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you have played a part in creating memories for these young people which will stay with them for a lifetime. Looking out over the plateau at the opening ceremony to a sea of super-excited Cubs was quite a special moment that will stay with me forever.


What are you most looking forward to doing in Scouting?
That has to be my next big challenge, where I will be part of a leadership team taking a group of 40 scouts and Explorers from across East Lancashire to Iceland in 2019, and also seeing the project that I am working on (that I can’t tell you about yet), actually happen.

What would you say, or your best piece of advice, to anyone who isn’t sure about becoming a Charity Trustee?
Go for it!  It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who may not necessarily want to be involved with young people directly, to have a say in how Scouting is shaped and developed and to ensure that our adult volunteers have everything they need to fulfil their roles in providing fun, engaging programmes in a safe environment. It is also an opportunity to develop and broaden your skills, which always looks good on a CV.  Of course, there are always opportunities to get really “stuck in” for example Christmas Experience wouldn’t happen without all the volunteers we need to make it happen.