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iScout in East Lancashire – do you?

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  • Badge Support | Health and Fitness Activity Badge 24th April 2018
    Encourage your young people to take care of themselves so they're better able to explore the world with these tips to supporting them to achieve their Health and Fitness Activity Badges.
  • 10 good things to know about our new brand 18th April 2018
    With just a month to go to a new strategy and brand for Scouting, Deputy UK Chief Commissioner Kester Sharpe explains how the focus on skills for life will help us attract more volunteers and why we will continue to wear our World Scout Membership Badge with pride.  
  • 7 egg-cellent Easter activities 31st March 2018
    We all love a good mini egg adorned cornflake cake, but how about using that wooden spoon to mix things up this Easter?