This week East Lancashire Scouts are proud to have announced the appointment of Oliver Cooper as our Deputy Chair; his role will be to work closely with the Chair and the County Executive Committee to make sure we’re in a great position (both legally and financially) to continue to provide the life-changing adventure that we do already week-in-week-out right across East Lancashire.

Oliver, 22, isn’t new to Scouting and has a wide range of skills and experience that he will bring to the role. Oliver has been involved in Scouting from a young age and attended the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden in 2011 as part of East Lancashire’s unit. He’s been a Beaver Scout, a Cub Scout, a Scout, an Explorer Scout and now takes an active part in leading our youngest section as a Beaver Scout Leader in a thriving colony as well as being a part of Scout Network.

We caught up with Oliver this week to find out more;

What made you want to apply for the Deputy Chair role of East Lancashire Scouts?
There are a lot of exciting roles available at County level but I have always just enjoyed being part of the County Executive. The Deputy Chair role caught my eye as this role allows me to have more responsibility during the trustee meetings and the opportunity to implement my own ideas, whilst learning and supporting the Chair. As well as this, there are many other responsibilities to being a Deputy Chair outside of the Executive Committee meetings such as attending/chairing sub-committees and sharing other responsibilities with the Chair.

What are you most looking forward to?
Definitely working with the Chairman, John Goffee, on a regular basis. John has a wealth of experience both as a Chair and professionally and I’m happy that this role gives me a chance to learn many different skills that I’ll use both in Scouting and in other areas of my life too.

What are some of the things you want to achieve in the next year in Scouting?
The main aim up until the next Annual General Meeting will be to gain a more in depth knowledge of what’s happening around the County – plus getting used to the added responsibilities! Early discussions with the County Commissioner and the Chair have already indicated a focus on making the Executive meetings more open to the young members that attend them. The Executive Committee can be really detailed and complicated sometimes; my role can help to explain these parts of the Executive to those who may not know fully what to expect or what will happen. Young members of the Executive may also not be as confident in expressing their opinions and so work will be set in place to give everyone in the Executive Committee meetings the confidence to speak up – this is why there are on the Executive and young people have some fantastic ideas, opinions and experiences to share.