Another 12 months of adult training has just been posted and is ready for booking.

 Responding to criticism of the previous booking system we invested in a new online system that has been running since April.  You can find the training calendar here.

You can book it all in one go, or book it when you’ve sorted through your dairy – it’s entirely up to you! Check out the step-by-step guide on how to book your training here.

We also know that you have busy lives and it’s hard to remember everything so once you’ve booked onto some training you’ll receive two emails. The first will be a confirmation email – just for your own peace of mind to confirm that you’ve booked onto the training. The second email will be a reminder, a few days before just so you know exactly where you’re meant to be and when – no more searching through your inbox HOORAY!

You’ll be able to book onto courses online and it works the same way you buy anything else online. You can add courses to your basket and then confirm them all in one go when you’re happy – quick, easy and pain free!

Every adult has training needs whether you’re a new leader starting out on their wood badges or an existing volunteer completing mandatory training or even a bit of ongoing learning.  Hopefully you will find this new approach makes the process of booking and managing your courses that much easier.

We are looking at even more training events so keep an eye out for updates.

If you’re not sure where you’re up to with your training or what you need to do next, contact your Local Training Manager (or Training Adviser if you’ve been assigned one) or log into Compass for your complete record.