2nd February 2019 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Module 14 – Supporting Young People

This module is designed to enable adults working with young people to understand and meet their needs. We’ll cover;

  • Characteristics and influences
  • Creating a supportive environment and responding to issues

Module 15 – Promoting Positive Behaviour

This module is to enable adults to promote positive behaviour and appropriately manage challenging behaviour in their section. We’ll cover;

  • Principles of promoting positive behaviour
  • Responding to challenging behaviour

Module 16 – Introduction to Residential Experiences

In this module we will enable section leaders and supporters who may support residential experiences for young people, to understand the purpose that residential experiences play in Scouting. We’ll cover;

  • Residential experiences and their importance in Scouting
  • Organisation and administration
  • Nights Away Permit Scheme

Module 17 – Running Safe Activities

This module’s aim is to enable adults to plan and run exciting, safe and developmental activities for the young people in their section. We’ll cover;

  • Importance of activities in a balanced Programme
  • Planning and carrying out activities safely
  • Permits
  • Risk assessment
  • Leader in charge