Here are four more brilliant activities, all on the theme of cycling, just in time for the Tour de France.

Decorate your BikeCraft: decorate your bike

Having a good-looking bike makes you want to ride it- FACT! Spend some time getting your bikes looking top notch – think balloons, streamers and spoke decorations. The brighter the better!

Outdoor: go for a bike ride

Make sure everyone is safe and confident before you set off – consider doing a bikability course or practice cycling around your meeting place. Plan your route to stick to quiet paths and avoid big hills!

Indoor: bike maintainance night

Make sure everyone’s bikes are in good working order by having a maintainance night. Check the brakes, tyres and gears and give them a good clean.

Scouts Bike - FoodFood: make a vegetable sculpture

Cyclists need to be fuelled up to ride for miles, so chat with your section about healthy eating. They can create a picture using healthy veggies and then eat it.

You can request a visit from Halfords, who sponsor this badge, for some expert tips on keeping your bike well maintained.