For some people the snow is fantastic, it might mean a day off school or work or just that you get to play in it when you get home but for others it’s not so great. To help you out, here’s our 5 things to do when the snow arrives.

  1. Make your immediate area safe
    The snow does sometimes look pretty and it seems a shame to shovel it away so quickly, but making sure your paths, driveways and roads are clear when the snow is fresh means there’s chance of their being an accident when the snow starts to melt. Of course, if there is an accident you can use your Emergency Aid skills that you leaned in the Scouts – you know what to do!
  2. Check on others
    Sometimes we might be busy doing other things and forget that other people in our community might not be able to cope so well in the snow. Go and check on them. You could use that training you received through our #AMillionHands campaign to help out someone with Dementia or someone disabled by society – you know what to do!
  3. Minimise non-essential travel
    A Scout is always prepared and this includes making sure that you have everything you need in advance to cut out those non-essential travel plans. Try not to risk it by not being prepared in advance. Think back to your recent expedition and make a list of the things you’ll need the most – you know what to do!
  4. Keep warm
    There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold after falling over in the snow – you know from your experience on camp that getting out of wet clothes quickly is the key to avoiding having to use your Emergency Aid skills. Make sure you’ve got your coat, hat, gloves and scarf handy – you know what to do!
  5. Have fun!
    A very important part of being a Scout – have fun! Go sledging, build a snowman or make snow angels but whatever you decide to do, stay safe. Not sure what you can do?
    Ask a Scout – they know what to do.

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