WOW! #YouShape month has been amazing!

We’ve seen lots of great things happening around East Lancashire, so I wanted to take a minute to give you four good reasons why #YouShape month was a success!


  1. You’ve used the activity inspirations packs for ideas
    I visited lots of different colonies, packs, troops and units during February alongside District Youth Commissioners and one thing I noticed was that the Activity Inspiration packs were being used – which is great! The ideas in those packs are designed to give the young people a way of expressing their thoughts and ideas but remember they’re not only for February, they can be used all year round.
  2. We appointed a Deputy Chair under 25 years old
    During #YouShape month we appointed Oliver Cooper as our Deputy County Chair. Oliver is 22 and has a lot of Scouting experience and has lots of great ideas too – his role will see him work with the County Executive Committee to make sure they’re doing everything they can to continue to provide the life-changing adventure that happens week-in-week-out. You can learn more about Oliver here.
  3. Leaders have received some great ideas from young people
    As the Youth Commissioners travel round East Lancashire visiting groups the one thing that is constant is the stream of brilliant ideas that come from young people. These aren’t fully planned programme activities by any stretch, but they’re great ideas to help you, as leaders, get the ball rolling and being even more relevant to our young people than ever before.

  4. We’ve increased awareness of the concept of youth-shaped Scouting
    Youth-shaped Scouting isn’t a new concept, in fact it was started by our founder Lord Baden-Powell when Scouting started 110 years ago and #YouShape month is a great way of us increasing awareness of how we can use this concept to be even more relevant, plan even more exciting programmes and go on even better adventures! It’s the little things that Count; the County website turned green to promote awareness, members of the County Team wore #YouShape wristbands and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you wearing your #YouShape badges on the uniform throughout the remainder of the year.

The County Youth Team met for their second meeting to develop out own action points. I’m pleased that the Youth Team have now become a vital part of the county team including advising on events, appointments and so much more!

Finally, I would like to say “Thank You” to all the Youth Commissioners who have been dedicated to making #YouShape month such an amazing and rewarding time of year for the young people and leaders across East Lancashire.