What an experience Gilwell 24 was!

On the 8th July, a 24-hour adventure experience began for a small group of Explorer Scouts from East Lancashire. Gilwell 24 doesn’t stop from 9am on the Saturday morning until 9am on the Sunday with activities and experiences happening for the full 24 hours!

For me, this is one of the last camps that I will have as an Explorer Scout and what a way to spend my final few months of being a young person in Scouting.

With the chance to partake in activities, such as a Bag Jump and 3G Swing, the word ‘challenge’ really does spring to mind. The activities were not only amazing but pushed a lot of the participants to try new things- to me something that we really should push in Scouting!

As the evening went on, the party came alive! With a silent disco and karaoke held in the Rainbow Café, run by the Active Support Unit FLAGS.

Gilwell 24 was an amazing time for me to meet up with old friends from other Scouting events, make new ones and solidify existing ones. Every young person that I saw had a smile on their face, just showing how amazing the event is!

Surviving 29 hours without sleep did have its effects but with a 5-hour drive home, I don’t think many people had any issues falling asleep on the coach!

I can’t thank the adult Leaders, event staff and organisers for what they did to make the event so amazing! It truly was an incredible weekend and I can’t wait to return next year as staff!